Throw a Red, White and Blue Bash

Easy, inexpensive touches turn an ordinary Fourth of July party into a red,
white and blue bash! Studio 5 Contributor, Amy Twitty, shares creative ways
to celebrate summer’s biggest holiday.

Easy Plates – Many of can relate to the shuffle we do trying to
silverware, plates, and don’t forget the napkin! So this is any easy solution to
the plated chaos. Take your paper plates, hole punch one hole in the center.
Gather all your silverware around your napkin and attach it to the plate with
your favorite ribbon, jute, etc. Then you can eliminate the headache of
forgetting or dropping something and focus on getting your yummy BBQ

Fruit Baskets – Do you have a stack of paper plates that will take
years to
use? Try this simple table craft to display your fruit for your party. Get one
paper plate, ruler, pen, and scissors. Measure about 2 1/2′ from the bottom
to the center of your plate, Do this 4 times to create a almost square in the
center of your plate. Cut along the 4 lines. Fold in each of the 4 sides. Then
start with one flap and fold in, creating a box. Taking the next fold, with the
flap inserting into the next section. Once all 4 sides have been folded in you
should have a box. I hot glued a small dot to secure the basket in place. I
added some decorating ribbon and added fruit for a quick and adorable

Pots with Socks – If you have beautiful flowers but they just don’t
match your
4th of July party decor. You can quickly change that for as low as $1.00.
Gather some holiday socks, cut the toes off and simply roll over your Terra
cotta pots or jars for easy table center pieces that match your other party

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream – Homemade Ice
cream that
is!!! Kids want to be a part of the festivities and this is the perfect way to do
so. Have little hands shake and shake and shake the mixture to create your
homemade ice cream.

Sparkler safety – Kids love fireworks, however it’s can be a little
scary for
them. This is a easy way to make sure your kids can have fun yet stay safe.
Take your sparklers and poke a hole in the top of your paper cup. Insert the
sparkler with the handle coming through the cup. It creates an easy grip for
kids to hold their sparklers yet helps calm their fears from getting too close.

Star’s in the yard – We can’t forget the yard when decorating for
the party.
Start by gathering a poster board and your favorite star shape. Trace the star
shape with a white crayon, Cut out the star. Gather some flour and head out
to your sidewalk entryway. Place the poster board on the grass and lay a
heavy layer of flour in the cutout of the star. The flour will make a decorative
star shape in your grass. Don’t worry with a quick swipe your flour with
spread not hurting your lawn!!

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