Throwing a “Flower Power” Party

Studio 5 Holiday, Party and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shows us how.

Summer is the perfect time to have a “flower power” party! Grab your girlfriends and throw a party that will be “blooming” with fun! Bright flowers help set the theme for this party which can be cutesy or classy depending on the age group invited.

Ideas For a Fabulous “Flower Power” Party

• Invitations are one of the most important parts of a party. A really unique invitation can heighten the anticipation for those invited. My favorite flower invitation is to simply attach a printed tag with party information to the stem of a real or silk flower. Hand deliver to each recipient.

• A cute invitation idea

would be to create a printed invite and to glue a silk flower head on the back of the envelope like an envelope seal.

• Invitations can also be made in the shape of a flower by simply cutting flower petals from bright colored cardstock or scrapbook paper and adhering to a circle center. Print information for the party on the center of the flower.

• Bright and vivid decorations can add a lot to a “flower power” party. Remember that more is not always

better so decide where you want to use flowers and then compliment using coordinating ribbons, paper, candy, etc. Inexpensive silk flowers can be purchased at discount stores and dollar type stores.

• An inexpensive table covering can be made using pieces of fabric or paper by the yard. Paper can be stamped on using acrylic paint and flower shaped sponges. This would be a nice table covering for a party for younger girls.

• Paper flowers and flower garlands can be made to hang from the ceiling or to decorate walls.

• Place bunches of flowers in simple vases with a ribbon to add a splash of color. Guests could each take home a flower as a favor.

• A fun table runner is to take a wide piece of ribbon and attach silk flower heads periodically down the ribbon. This creates a low centerpiece – perfect for long tables.

• Wrap thick candles with a wide ribbon and add a flower on the ribbon. Place in center of table.

• Tie bright pieces of tuelle and/or ribbon on the back of each chair and add a flower. You could also hang a tag as a place card from the ribbon.

• Create napkin rings by adding a flower head to a stretchy bracelet or a piece of ribbon.

• A flower could be inserted in a folded napkin and tied with a ribbon.

• Use bright pieces of 12″ scrapbook paper as placemats. Paper placemats can be decorated with ribbon, stamping or actual flowers.

• Turn a paper cup (or a real cup) into a flower by tracing the top of the cup on paper and tracing petals around the traced circle. Cut out. Cut slits in the center and slip over cup to top rim. Opening of the cup will look like the center of a flower. These could also be used as favors if cup is filled with candy.

• A cute favor is a flower pen. To make, cut the stem of a silk flower about 1″ long. Remove the top cap of an ink pen and insert the stem in the top. Wrap the pen with floral tape. Insert pen into a small flower pot filled with foam and covered with moss, making it look as the pen is a flower growing out of the pot. Tie a ribbon around the pen and hang a tag to use as a favor or as a place card.

• A simple but nice favor would be a package of bright colored flower seeds.

• A cute favor would be to wrap a simple paper box with a bright ribbon and to attach a silk flower head to the center of the bow.

• Favors can be the actual flowers themselves. Attach a magnet to the back of a flower head to create

magnets for a metal board. A pin back could be attached to a flower to create a fun fashion accent. Add a flower to flip flops or a headband. What about a bookmark with a flower on the end of a ribbon… the possibilities are endless.

• Assorted glass jars can be filled with candy that matches your party and can be used not only as decorations but as treats or favors. There are many online companies that sell candy by the color and in bulk.

• Cupcakes are one of my favorite desserts to serve at a party. Frost cupcakes with bright colors (dye the batter as well). Make flowers on top of cupcakes using candies or place a silk flower on top of each.

• Real flowers can be used as a garnish but make sure they are non-toxic and pesticide free.

• Fruit can be cut in the shape of flowers. Try to choose fruit that would coordinate with the colors of your party.

• Flowers can be frozen in ice rings and add a fun look to a punch bowl.

• Flower shaped cookies would be a perfect treat to serve. Cookies can be inserted in cupcakes set into a flowerpot for a darling favor or treat. (See recipe for Flower Pot Cookies on recipe link.)

• A simple game could be a “flower walk” type activity. Pattern this after a cake walk and have numbered flowers on the ground. Another option could be to play “pin the center on the flower.” Just change a common game to a flower theme.

• Younger girls might like to stamp/paint/decorate t-shirts that match the flower theme.

• A fun game might be to have photos of 20 or so different types of flowers and to have guests identify them. Make some hard and some easier. Give a prize to gets the most right.

Be creative and have fun!!

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