Throwing a Twilight Party

Studio 5 Party, Holiday and Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter shares ideas for a Twilight Party.

BACKGROUND: Twilight is a series of four books (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) by author Stephanie Meyer. The books have become a phenomenon and the movie covering the first book will be released in theaters November 21st. It is a story about a teenage girl named Isabella (Bella) Swan who after her parents divorce, moves to Forks Washington to live with her father. While there, she falls in love with one of her high school classmates, Edward, who turns out to be a vampire. Edward is from the Cullen family who are a group of cultured vampires trying to live a “vegetarian” lifestyle by not preying on humans but wild animals. A twist is added to the story when Jacob, another local teenager falls in love with Bella which creates an interesting love triangle. The story is essentially a young love romance with danger and action.

When hosting a Twilight party try to use subtle details from the books. The Cullen vampires and others in the books are not “typical vampires” that sleep in coffins and turn into bats. They also don’t have fangs (although there are many options you could use plastic fangs for such as invites, food garnishes, etc. if you wanted to add that element). The Twilight vampires are very handsome, romantic and classy so make sure to add this element to your party.


• Use the Twilight font when creating invitations or other materials for your party. The font is called Zephyr and is downloadable free:

• Give a red apple with a tag tied with a red satin ribbon to the stem as an invitation. Use black and early century designs for a cool look.

• Other items that could be used as invitations could be red and white ruffled parrot tulips, a white queen chess piece, or a red satin ribbon as pictured on the covers of the books.

• Scan and reduce the cover images or other movie photos to use as invitations. Customize in a photo editing software to include invitation information.


• Use the actual books as decorations by displaying them around the room.

• The book jackets arevery striking so pull colors to decorate with from the covers. Use red, white and black colors as the main focus.

• Decorate your room/table with items from the book covers. Many of these make excellent place cards with a name tag attached. Red apples, red satin ribbons, red/white ruffled parrot tulips and chess pieces (white queen and red pawns). Large individual chess pieces can be ordered online through links found at:

• Display the Illustrated Movie Guide.

• The Cullen vampires love fast and exotic cars. Use photos of their cars as décor.

• Hang Twilight movie posters around the room. They can be purchased at many bookstores and stores such as Hot Topic. They are also available online.

• Fill jars with red, white and/or black candies. These can serve not only for décor but as treats and favors.
• Scan/print the covers of books and place in black frames around your home. You could also frame photos of characters from the movie.

• Place photo/posters of the Cullen family crest around your home.

• Use tiny white, red or black strands of lights as decor.

• Make a bloody candle by dripping melted wax from a red candle around a white candle. Use these in a centerpiece as a subtle accent.

• Use black netting over a tablecloth for a nice textured effect.

• A red satin ribbon would make a great napkin ring when tied on a black napkin.

• Make a bloody glass by dipping the rim of a glass or goblet into a mixture of corn syrup and red food coloring. Let drip down glass. It will set up slightly so you can make these ahead of time.

• Use a fog machine and umbrellas to give the effect of Forks, Washington – rainy and misty.


• Go to the theatre and watch the movie – or on DVD when released.

• Watch the movie trailers.

• Watch interviews on with those involved with the movie production. Stephanie Meyer also has some interesting tidbits about her books and other interviews and clips can be found linked from her official site at

• Play Twilight Trivia or Jeopardy. This link has some great trivia questions or create your own:

• Play Twilight “Who Said It”. Read a quote and see who can guess who said it. Make some hard and some easier. Check out this link for quotes:

• Have a contest who can draw a particular scene from the books the best. Set a several minute time limit. Have quite a few different scenes and choose a different one each round. This is a twist on the game of Pictionary.

• Have guests come dressed as one of their favorite characters in the book and give prizes.

• Make Twilight bracelets (see favors below).

• Play Twilight Bingo. Have guests place Twilight related words on their bingo cards. Give Twilight related prizes.

• Have a Twilight scavenger hunt. Divide into groups and make a list of anything related to Twilight. Make some items hard and some easy and assign point values. Set a time limit (1 hour or so) and have the groups meet back at that time. Have items on the lists such as: a red apple, an umbrella, a fork, something that sparkles, a picture of a piano, a wolf, a queen chess piece, vampire teeth, a matchbox exotic car, etc.

• Since the Cullen vampires love fast cars, have a racing car game tournament on a video game system.
• Have a chess tournament.

• Bob for red apples or place on a string to see who can eat theirs the fastest with no hands.

• Set up a photo station where guests can have a photo taken in a Twilight themed setting. Add a big poster of Edward or enlarge a poster of Edward and Bella and cut out Bellas face. Let guests insert their face to have a photo with Edward.


• The movie soundtrack available at music stores online such as / or check out would make a great favor.

• Purchase Twilight ring tones for your guests’ phones.

• Movie posters make great favors.

• Twilight themed t-shirts. Check out for hundreds of awesome and creative shirts and merchandise. You could also create your own.

• Twilight themed bracelets. Jacob gave Bella a little wood carved wolf charm on a silver bracelet. Edward later gave Bella a crystal heart charm to add to the bracelet. Make a bracelet with one or both of these charms. You could also add other charms that represent items from the book: a red bead (blood drop) a copper bead, a feather, a sun, an umbrella. A motorcycle, a stethoscope, an old truck, etc. Another option on bracelets could be to use bracelets with tiny frame charms and fill the frames with scanned images of the book covers, Cullen crest or other movie images. Charms can be found online. Treasure Beads in Layton, Utah (801-444-1938) also carries wolf and heart charms. Pre-made bracelets and other related jewelry can also be found online for purchase. (Google “Twilight bracelets” and you will find lots of options.)

• Red apples, a chess set or a red/white ruffled parrot tulip would be great favors.

• Make chocolate molded queen and pawn from chess set. Check out this link for supplies:

• Any Twilight themed product including buttons, stickers, bookmarks, key chains etc.

• A bottle of “shimmering” body powder. (The Twilight vampires sparkle in sunlight.)

• Many food items can be used as favors (see below.
• Make candy bar wraps with Twilight movie photos or quotes.

Food: (Although the Cullen vampires don’t eat human food they do drink animal blood. A little blood themed food would add to the overall Twilight theme but don’t get gory or too over the top. Make it fun and in good taste.)

• Serve red punch or soda.

• Create bottle wraps around red soda bottles. Check out for some cool bottle wraps.

• Serve red velvet cake.

• Dye white/vanilla chocolate coating red (you must use an oil based food coloring – Chefmaster makes a good one) and place it in a chocolate fountain. Serve with a variety of dippers including red apple slices.

• Decorate with red/white and black edible glitter (or rainbow glitter – as Edwards skin sparkles in the sunlight). Check out for edible glitter and crystal sugars.

• Serve apple shaped cookies.

• Create cupcakes with a red jam filled center (scoop out top and fill with jam after baking and replace top or insert piping tip and fill with jam). Frost with white icing. Poke two holes in the top and make a small crescent shape to look as thought it was bitten. Drizzle a tiny amount of red jam or red piping gel from the bite mark to look like the cupcake is bleeding.

• If you are really talented create the Cullen crest on cookies or a cake. sells candy that looks like medical blood bags.

• Add red food coloring to any type of cake, pudding, drink, etc.

• Apple Beer comes in really cool black cans with red apples on them. It would fit well in a Twilight themed party.

• Use red paste food coloring in butter and pour over popped popcorn. You could also drizzle popped corn with red candy melts.

• Serve red hard candy or lollipops.

• Serve baked apples.


• Play the soundtrack during the party.

• Wear contacts to create eyes like the vampires in the books. Check out for amber or red eye contacts.

• Do service. Invite guests to go donate blood to the American Red Cross.

• You could also do a Twilight themed party using pink roses as Alice did when throwing a birthday party for Bella. It would be different from the black/red/white but could be an interesting twist. This might be a fun sweet 16 party for a girl.

• Check out this site for fake blood recipes:

Other helpful links:

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