Tiered Twig Serving Dish

Studio 5 Party, Holiday & Ideas Contributor Alisa Bangerter explains how to create a Tiered Twig Serving Dish.

Do you want to create a unique serving dish for your Thanksgiving table? Why not try this easy tiered serving dish made using real tree branches or twigs. Guaranteed it will be a statement piece everyone will be talking about.


• old dishes in several sizes such as platters, plates, bowls, etc.

• tree branches or twigs approximately one inch thick or larger depending on size of dishes

• saw

• epoxy type glue that will dry fast and clear and bond to glass and wood

• applicator for glue such as a wood skewer or Popsicle stick


1. Clean the dishes you will use and dry well.

2. Make sure the branches are clean and wipe down if needed.

3. Decide what branch or twigs you will use, choosing some that are relatively straight and some with character.

4. Cut the branches at the lengths desired. Be creative as far as combining heights. Make sure to cut the ends of the branch level that will rest on the dishes so they can rest on it straight and secure.

5. Mix the epoxy and glue the bottom branch to the top of the lower dish and let set.

6. Set next dish on top of the cut branch and glue and let set.

7. Continue in this manner until all tiers are finished.


• Make sure the heaviest or largest dish I son the bottom to balance and to prevent the tiered dish to be top heavy.

• Hand wash dish carefully.

• If you have a hard time centering the branch on the dish, measure and mark before gluing.

• Let dish set overnight to let glue harden well before using.

• For a single time use, use branches on the top with fall leaved still attached.

• Be creative in combining dishes. These could be made very large or small.

• Check thrift stores or other similar type discount stores for dishware for this project. This is a good idea for using chipped dishes.

• This tiered dish would be a fun gift filled with nuts or wrapped candies for a Thanksgiving hostess or would make a nice centerpiece on your fall tables.

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