Trend Spotter: Decorating with Baskets

Shannon Crawford interior designer and writer of the blog Design Gal & Her Handyman explains how to create the perfect basket.

Here are some tips:

-Decorating with baskets doesn’t have to be expensive! IKEA, Target, The Basket Loft & even Big Lots have a lot of great, beautiful baskets that won’t break the bank!

-Baskets are a great way to stay organized. Use them to hold toiletries, office & craft supplies, and other nick-knacks.

-Add visual interest to boring baskets by painting them, adding a tag or photo to the front, or embellish them by adding a basket liner!

Adding a basket liner adds visual interest and is a great way to customize your own baskets. Even if you don’t sew, you can still make a nice basket liner.


Scissors, Measuring tape, Hot glue gun, ribbon, fabric of choice, & basket

1. Select fabric in the color and print you desire. Consider the contents and theme of the basket when choosing your fabric.

2. Determine the measurements of the basket. First, you’ll measure from how far down you’d like the liner to go over one edge (I did 2 inches), up to the top, down the inside, across the bottom, up the other side to the top and then over 2 inches or however far you’d like it to go. Do this for the length and the width of the basket.

3. Take the measurements of the width, and cut out a piece of fabric so that it’s as wide as the top of the basket and long enough to hang over the edge and cover the two inside walls & bottom. Make sure you add an inch to each of the sides so you can hem the fabric later. Do the same for the length. You should have two pieces of fabric now.

4. To hem the fabric, make a bead of hot glue along the side of your fabric (about a ½ inch from the edge of the fabric) and fold your fabric over 1″. Do this to all sides. (To make the corners neater, I like to clip the edges at a diagonal before I glue it and fold it over, but it is optional.)

5. After the two stripes of fabric have been hemmed, place the strip that will go the length of the basket inside. Assemble the fabric lining by gluing the bottom and sides with a dot of glue to keep in place. Make sure you center your fabric, so there is equal fabric to hang over the edges.

6. Do the same with the piece that will be your width.

7. Add a strip of hot glue along the edge of the basket. Press the fabric in place. Work in sections until all the fabric is glued in place. Fold and pleat the corners as necessary.

8. Measure enough ribbon to go around the top of the basket & enough to tie a bow. Tie ribbon around the top of basket. Use hot glue to secure in place if needed.

More info & photos can be found on my blog, Design Gal & Her Handyman.

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