Tiny Tim’s Foundation for Kids

Alton C. Thacker

President Tiny Tim’s Foundation for Kids


The Tiny Tim’s Foundation for Kids has been operating for 12 years and has been working to help children, of all ages, with needed medical supplies or treatments, supplies for schools, and toys to be sent wherever a crisis has arisen, such as areas hit by eathquakes, floods and natural disasters. Tiny Tim’s Toys are also given to needy children in such places as hospitals, women’s shelters, schools for children with special needs, Indian reservations, and distributed by humanitarian organizations which bring medical services and relief to people In Third World countries.

The toys are made from hardwood lumber scraps donated by cabinet and door manufacturers and crafted by volunteers. The toys are painted by inmates at the Utah State Prison, Eagle Scout Projects and service goups from various organizations.

Past projects have included a physical therapy center, two handicapped schools, a surgical center and dental offices. Also, a Senior Citizens center and two hospitals and a storage building in Chihuahua.


If you would like more information, please call 566-0604 or 815-4602.

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