Tips to Creating a Buffet the FUN Way

The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are full of opportunities for food
and friends. If you’re hosting a buffet, keep in mind some ideas to make it
look great.

Michelle Virtue, from BYU’s Campus Floral, shares some tips for creating a
beautiful buffet.

1. Select a style or theme and run with it! Your party or
meal might revolve
around a holiday, color palette, the guest of honor, OR any of your favorites.
Stay focused and start collecting.

2. Height is key. Either go tall and showy with your
buffet or low and
conservative, but be consistent and committed. Spread your color and theme
throughout the display.

3. Consider your menu. Be sure your buffet will
accommodate the type of
food you are serving and the space you need to serve comfortably.

4. Be mindful of your guests. Keep allergies, heights
and preferences of
guests a priority.

5. Use the unexpected! Borrow, brainstorm and pull out
your collection of
spray paint. This is your chance to show off your creativity.

For more information or ideas, visit BYU’s Campus Floral.

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