Tissue Paper Wreath

Blogger Kami Watson, from Sweet Charli shares a unique idea to make a wreath on any budget!

Styrofoam Wreath Form
Tissue Paper Flowers
Hot Glue

1- Cover your wreath form with tissue paper (you can glue the tissue paper on, or staple it!)

2 – Start making your tissue paper flowers. If you’ve never made one before, here’s how:
Cut a square of tissue papers (I used about 5 sheets, you can do whatever size you’d like. Remember the smaller, the more time it will take you!) and begin folding back and forth like you did in elementary to make a fan. Once done folding, take your wire and wrap around folded paper, and twist the wire so the paper won’t come unfolded. Then, cut the ends of the tissue to be round or pointed. Rounded ends creates a soft flower look. Pointed ends look more like a leaf.

3 – Take each flower and begin spreading the tissues apart. Be careful not to rip them. If there are a few rips, however, they aren’t very noticeable!

4 – Once you are done making all of your flowers (place them around the wreath so you know when you have enough), trim all the wires to about 1/2 in – 1 in stub.

5 – Make sure before you glue your flowers to your form, you place them where they are going to go. Be sure to glue the ribbon on (to hang your wreath) BEFORE you glue your flowers on!

6 – Put glue around the base of the wire stub, then stick the wire into the styrofoam.

7 – Hang your wreath with that pretty ribbon you glued underneath your flowers and Waaahlaah!

Check out more of Kami’s amazing do it yourself projects at www.sweetcharli.blogspot.com

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