TMI Overload: How to Know When You’re Going Too Far

TMI Overload: How to Know When You’re Going Too Far

It’s an acronym we’ve become all too familiar with in this world of social networking and reality television: TMI! But when it comes to sharing “too much information,” how do you know when you are the one who has gone too far?

Etiquette Blogger Janine Ottley of “The Pink Teapot” shares three personal checks.

When thinking of going too far- or giving someone too much information (or for that matter listening to too much information), you should gage three things: Timing, Tolerance, and the Temperature of the room or situation you are in.


If you are on a five minute phone call or a FB chat with an acquaintance- it’s probably not the time to talk about your monthly visitor or how you just had a fight with your husband. Even though we want to keep it real, we can get our point across that it’s not the best of days without giving away every detail of our lives to the world.


Every person you interact with is going to have their own tolerance level. Some friends you may chat with several times a week, others you may only talk to once a month. You need to be in tune enough with each relationship to know when they’ve had enough and be respectful of listening more than talking. Listening is a great skill to develop.


An intimate restaurant is the wrong place to have a loud argument with your husband and definitely falls under the category of TMI for all those around you… as would sharing how bad of an experience you had while giving birth you had while at a baby shower for another expectant mother. Be aware of where you are and keep details of private events to share one on one- it’s better that way anyways.

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