Today’s Recipe: Greek Tiropitas

Papanikolas Family Tiropita Recipe
* 1 large package (8 oz.) cream cheese

* 1 pkg. cottage cheese (16 oz.)

* 1 lb. feta

* ¼ – ½ c. parmesan

* 4-5 eggs

* 1 lb. filo

* 1 lb. butter

Mix cream cheese, cottage cheese, feta, parmesan and eggs together in a mixing bowl. Beat until thoroughly mixed.

Lay filo out on counter. Cut it into strips – they should be about two and a half to three inches wide (cut them in the direction that makes them about 16 inches long).

Melt butter on stove. Using a pastry brush, brush the melted butter onto a filo strip.

Put one teaspoon of cheese mixture onto the filo strip. The mixture should be centered about an inch from the end. Then fold one corner over the cheese mixture to make a triangle over the cheese. Then fold that into another triangle along the edges. Continue turning the triangles over all the way to the end of the filo. (Like folding a flag.) Continue this process with the strips until the cheese mixture is gone.

Put the cheese triangles onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until golden brown.

These can be frozen with wax paper separating the layers.

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