Today’s Recipe: Picnic Club Sandwich

Picnic Club Sandwich
Makes eight servings

1 loaf Kneaders’ Rosemary Focaccia bread

1 pound shaved ham

1 pound shaved pastrami

1 pound shaved roast beef

1 pound sliced Swiss cheese

1 pound sliced provolone cheese

1 pound sliced Muenster cheese

Bittersweet Herb Farm Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce to taste (available at Kneaders)

Sliced red onions

Sliced Roma tomatoes

Fresh basil leaves

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Fresh ground sea salt to taste

1. Cut bread horizontally into thirds.

2. On bottom slice of bread, layer half of the provolone, Swiss and Munster cheeses.

3. Layer half of the pastrami, ham and roast beef on cheese.

4. Top with black pepper and sea salt.

5. Spread Bittersweet Herb Farm Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce over meat.

6. Layer half of the basil leaves, tomatoes and red onions over sauce.

7. Cover with the middle slice of bread.

8. Repeat steps one through seven with remaining ingredients. Top with last slice of bread.

9. Wrap sandwich tightly with cling film.

10. Refrigerate for up to two days or at least eight hours.

11. When ready to serve, unwrap sandwich and cut into eight wedges.

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