Tools to Tip Your Creativity

Studio 5’s Executive Producer, Michelle Kettle shares the cools tools that’ll make your next creative pursuit that much easier.

Creative Entertaining

Candle Carver

Available at: Sur La Table, located at The Gateway

Price: $12

Creative Gardening

Easy Bloom Plant Sensor

Available at:

Price: $59.95

Creative Gift Giving


Available at: Robert’s Crafts

Price: $19.99 for larger model

Creative Decorating

Home Project Calculator

Available at: Lowe’s

Price: $20

Creative Baking

Martha Stewart Polka Dot Cupcake & Cookie Boxes

Available at: Macy’s

Price: $10.99

Creative Crafting


Available at: Michael’s

Price: $14.99

Note: Pricing for the above products may vary.

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