Top 3 Spa Gifts For Men and Women

-These are gifts they won’t want to return!


· Therapeutic and stress relieving with all of the stress the holiday season brings.

· Great escape for couples – Get a couples package!

Skin Care – Anything from relaxing facials to chemical peels

· Men love facials because they are relaxing and can soothe irritation from shaving.

· Chemical peels are great for women to give them a fresh glow to their skin.

Laser hair removal

· Everyone loves laser hair removal because everyone loves smooth silky skin! People love to not worry about shaving, plucking, razor burn, or ingrown hairs

· Popular areas for men include chest/back and neck. Popular areas for women include bikini, underarms, and legs

· This holiday season when you buy one area of laser hair removal we’ll give you another area free! Ladies, get yourself an easy choice membership where you can take care of the hair on any 3 areas of your choice and gift a free membership to your husband!

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