Top Ten Color Walls of Utah: Fall Edition

Just in time for family Christmas card season, Laci shares her top ten color walls of the fall season.

1. Maroon and Yellow Checkered
A&W, 701 N. Main Street, Logan

A checkered backdrop is such a great patternto work with. You can use the checks to frame people in. It also gives great depth and interest to your photo, without you having to do all the work!

2. Black and White striped
1050 N. Main Street, Logan

Stripes all are the rage right now, so this is a great way to incorporate the trend into your home. A secret, tucked away find – these shots would also look great printed in black and white!

3. Red
Mellen Glass,132 N Main St., Brigham City

This wall makes a serious, bold statement. The window details and textured brick make it a favorite for me!

4. Blue
American Legion, 845 W 24th St., Ogden

Bright, blue walls are one of my favorite to photograph on. This wall will give you a clean, crisp look, and complement all skin tones.

5. Green

470 S Main Street, Bountiful

This color is the perfect palette to Photoshop – bright and happy, or soft and dreamy. It will go with all looks!

6. Yellow
900 S State Street, Salt Lake City

This wall makes a bright, happy statement! All sides of the building are yellow, so you can go day or night and lighting will work to your favor. Plus, you will discover many different textures to play with. This is a must go!

7. Multi-Colored Wall
900 S State Street, Salt Lake City

Have you ever seen something so fun?! I would love a whimsical shoot full of lollipops and
balloons here!

8. White

900 S State Street, Salt Lake City

A great white backdrop makes for a great go-to photo stop. It will always complement what you are wearing and let your outfits do the talking. What I love about this wall is the exposed brick; it offers added texture.

9. Lavender

Mercado Latino Market, 300 S University Avenue, Provo

I love the spot for staging pictures of sweet, little girls. The calm, cool tones seem to complement any and all skin tones. And the color goes with all your favorite “girly” outfits!

10. Mint Green
900 W Center Street, Provo

This spot is special because of the different color tones the wall provides. The building is light green with amazing 70’s paintings in bright colors, framed in a dark green border. You might even find a shopping cart to use!

***Studio 5 does not encourage or promote the use of these locations without prior authorized permission.

Laci Davis is a local photographer who loves capturing you, being you! To view more of her work, or to schedule an appointment, visit You can e-mail Laci at

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