Top Ten Reviews: Sharing Video

Top Ten Reviews: Sharing Video

You shoot some video of your kids and want to send it to grandparents.
You tape a craft you’re working on and want to post it on your blog. There
are many chances we have to share video, but the question is how to do

Jessica Foust, from Top Ten Reviews, walks through some of the options
for sharing video and points out the pros and cons.


It’s the most popular video-sharing site out there. The only upload
limitation is that your videos must be under 15 minutes. Users can upload
as many videos as they want. Plus you can annotate videos with info and

Pros: Can edit videos right within YouTube – no software needed. It’s the
largest video site, which means your videos have a better chance of getting
discovered on this site than any other. It supports HD video with no
additional cost and all videos can be played on iPhones/iPads even if they
are embedded on your blog using a Flash player.

Cons: Not the best options for making a video private. Doesn’t have near
the customization player options as other services. Must become a
YouTube Partner to earn revenue – which can be difficult since Partners
normally have to have a lot of video views to be considered.


This is a nice looking, uncluttered website. In a basic account, you can
upload up to 500MB worth of video a week with one being HD quality. It’s
a site built around community and filmmakers who want to share their
short movies and portfolios.

Pros: Has a great intuitive interface. Videos look professional and clean. It
has the best privacy settings out of all the services.

Cons: Free service is limited to one HD video upload a week. The videos
will not playback on iPhones/iPod touches. It can take a long time to
upload videos on the site because if you jump up to the Plus account for
$60/year you can upload longer videos that are up to 5GB in file size.

This is a site for those creating web shows. You can’t post viral videos or
single videos to this site. But if you decide your going to create a web
series that include multiple episodes this is a fantastic site.

Pros: The video player and channel has a lot of customization options.
You can earn revenue off of your content through advertising where it’s
split 50/50 between you and Has a distribution feature to
disseminate your video to other sites/services like YouTube, iTunes, AOL
Video and others.

Cons: Must upgrade to the Pro version ($96 per year) to make the videos
private and get automatic HD video conversion.


Makes it easy to upload and share your videos. There are no limitations on
the kind of content you can upload. There are many options to share
videos through social networks and embedding them on a website or blog.

Pros: Allows video files of unlimited length. HD video uploads. Can
customize and export a video player so it looks unique to your blog.
Dailymotion can promote content on its front page and in search results.

Cons: No option to make revenue on this site. Content focus is limited and
it is hard to discover quality content (a problem even YouTube has).


This site is known for its great customer service. It makes videos online
easy and convenient. It’s great for analytics, ad revenue sharing, and
distributing content.

Pros: Has the best options to customize the video player. It has good
privacy controls and a lot of extra features. Videos can be any length but
have a file size limit of 500MB.

Cons: In order to earn money from advertising you have to be a part of the
business account, which starts at $100/year. In fact, the best features are
included in the paid account. The free account limits you to 2GB of storage
and bandwidth per month.

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