Transform Glass Containers

Pull out your old glass jars and vases and get ready to give them a new life!

Studio 5 Contributor Amy Twitty shares DIY tips and tricks to transform glass containers.

Metal Art – Have you ever not wanted to spend a fortune on those candle holders that look really expensive? Well you can make your own! Purchase metal sheets at Hobby Lobby for $11 (use their 40% coupon). Get your glass jars that you may not use anymore, paint color of your choice, metal cutters, and hot glue gun. Measure your wire to your glass jar. Paint it the color you want. I primed mine with Krylon white primer and then used different gloss spray paints. Give the metal plenty of time to dry (overnight if you can). Then glue your metal to your jar one side at a time, again giving it enough time to dry on both ends. Put in a tall candle and there you have your very own custom candle holder for dollars!

Spoon Vase – Create a stunning vase that you can display on shelves for an eye catcher. For this project you need a vase or jar, preferably one that is tall and straight, no curves, plastic spoons, and hot glue. (I used colored spoons so I didn’t have to spray paint it). Purchase your spoons at the dollar store. The key is to find the cheapest and spoons that bend the easiest. This makes it easier to cut and use. Cut your spoons at the end of the spoon leaving the handle as a scrap. Start gluing at the top and circle around your jar/vase until you begin the next row. Continuing your rows until you are completely done. I added a small piece of ribbon at the bottom of mine to give it a finished look since it can be tricky to cut your spoons exactly the same for that last row. Place your new vase on a shelf for easy decorations.

Vintage Candle – Do you ever just see things that look so delicate and remind you of your sweet Grandma? Or if you have a piece of family china that you aren’t sure what to do with it here is an idea. You can make your own candle in the tea cup by purchasing wax crystals at Hobby Lobby for $3 and wicks for $2. You can always find tea cups at a antique store, Desert Industries, or rummage your mom’s hutch. Follow your instructions very carefully on the melting of the wax because it is flammable. I melted mine, 1/2 a cup at a time, in a Pyrex dish for approximately 3 mins until it is completely melted. Place your wick in your cup in the center and use sticks or a pencil to hold the wick upright and in place. Pour your melted wax in the cup and you did it!!! You have your own candle created by you! This could make for a great wedding gift or personalized gift.

Light it up! If you have a love for lighting you can combine the two with a mason jar and lights to create a DIY craft. IKEA sells light extensions for $5. Grab an old mason jar with a lid and a low voltage light bulb. I wouldn’t suggest anymore than 20 Watts. Using a hammer and a nail, make a hole in the top of your lid the size of the bulb extension. Place your bulb in the jar and hang from a ladder, roof etc for a party or gathering. You could also create small lanterns with your other mason jars by wrapping wire around the rim, placing a candle inside and hanging.

Sewing Scraps – Have you ever thought to yourself “That’s cute but I don’t have the time or I couldn’t do that”? Do you have 3 mins? That’s how easy this is. For this you need a jar (I prefer the smaller mason jar) a scrap piece of fabric, and stuffing. First gather a small handful of stuffing, place your fabric over the top. Take your jar lid and tighten closing in the fabric ball. Pull your fabric tight to create a nice round ball on the top of the jar. Trim your fabric leaving a inch or two hanging out from the jar. Take the lid off and flip it over. Gather your fabric and hot glue in about 4 spots your fabric to the bottom of the lid, to create a secure top. Make sure it is glued in enough spots to stay but not to many that your fabric starts to gather and make folds. Put your jar lid back on and fill it with miscellaneous sewing nicknack’s!!!

Game Changer – If you have little ones you know what it is like to try and keep game pieces together and not mix the scrabble with the puzzle. Take a glass jar, top it with a dollar store or Walmart animal by simply gluing it to the lid of the jar. Add your child’s favorite game to the jar and then they have a designated spot for their items. If you have a play room you could display several of these as decorations but serving a purpose at the same time.

Kids Craft – getting kids involved in crafts can make for a whole different experience! This adorable snow globe can be make for a few dollars with the only supplies needed as a mason jar, glitter, distilled water, and your choice of snow globe visual. I bought this winter tree at the dollar store and the glitter at the craft store. Glue your object to the lid upside down. Fill your jar with distilled water almost to the top and add glitter if you would like. I found glitter with little stars in it that I think add a little extra to the appeal. Place your lid on tightly and turn upside down. You have your own snow globe that you created in a matter of minutes. You could create a collection of these and display them as Holiday decorations for years!

Precious Goods – If you love to decorate for the Holidays but have a fear of little fingers breaking your precious decorations here is a solution. At IKEA they sell these glass cases. You can fill your glass pieces and decorations inside this but still showing them off for others to appreciate. You could display your nativity scene, glass villages, etc in this case. Little eyes will still wonder in awe of them but yet your items will be safe from harm! I even filled mine with dollar store town buildings and spray painted them to make them look a little more color coordinated.

Milk Glass – If you have seen those expensive and antique milk vases you know how beautiful they are. Would you like to save yourself some money and create your own? All you need is a vase, hot glue, and spray paint. The trick to this technique is gluing the dots on your vase. My tip is start at the top of your vase and figure out your spacing before hand. I did mine about 1/2 inch apart. When you hold your glue gun do a small dot and then as you pull your gun away from the glue slowly twist your gun in a circle motion and this helps create a perfect dot and helps eliminate those glue strings. Then you will prime your vase allowing time to dry and then paint it the color you desire. Typically most milk vases are white but you can also find them in pastel shades.

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