Five Online Tools to Design Your Space

Redesign your space without a designer. The solution is at your fingertips.

Studio 5 Design Contributor Lauren Oviatt spills the top five online tools designers use with real clients.

Icovia Space Planner
This is your fundamental space planning software great for beginners. Create a floorplan, plug in furniture you already have, and then add other décor items to see how they fit in your space.

See your room in 2D and 3D. Plug in your room dimensions, add furniture, and this software gives you a very good idea of what the end product will look like.

Benjamin Moore Color Capture app
See a color you love in a décor item or article of clothing? Take a picture with your phone and the color capture app will tell you what the paint color is and even give you complementary colors to help you coordinate your space.
This was the interior designer’s Pinterest before there was Pinterest. Wondering if you should take a risk with Zebra décor? Search “zebra” on and see how professional designers have incorporated zebra décor into fabulous rooms. Instant inspiration!
Olioboard is designing and shopping at the same time. The décor pieces you plug into your virtual room are real pieces from websites like Pottery Barn, Layla Grace, or Zinc Door.

Every Room Needs…
There are a few things an online tool can’t tell you…like if your room is missing something.
Here are five décor pieces every room should have.

Good Lighting
Lamps are a must on every room I design. A combination of table and floor lamps and hard-wired lights with dimming capabilities are the only way to go. No one wants to rely only on overhead lights. The only way to achieve that moody feeling is with incandescent lights.

Area Rug
Area rugs are a great way to finish off a space. If you are dealing with old, boring carpet or tile flooring that you aren’t going to replace, use an area rug to add a layer and great pattern or color to a space. Do not under scale the rug. It will look like a postage stamp and be more distracting than helpful

Art is a great way to personalize and ground your space. Remember, most people err on the side of hanging art and pictures too high. Bring them down into the space where they can relate to your other pieces (sofa, console table, etc).

Greenery adds life! Every room needs fresh plants or something green. They can also add a great sculptural quality to your space as well which appeals to me.

Drapery is the ultimate finishing touch. Drapes are often the last-thought-of element and one that can’t be substituted in any other way. Vertical panels add a sense of luxury and texture that beautifies a space.