Trash To Treasure Inspired Christmas

Dress up your Christmas collection with thrift store steals and dollar store
finds. You might be surprised how easy it is to turn them into designer

Designer Kristine McKay shares 4 trash to treasure projects, with festive
holiday flair!

Frosted Bottles – Spray paint bottles white, then glue Epson salt onto the
bottles with spray adhesive.

Car Filter Card Holder – Buy a car filter in the automotive section at WalMart
for $10 for this one.

Ornament Wishes – Buy small Christmas ball ornaments from the dollar
store ($12 for a dollar). Stuff little wishes, fortunes, or the 12 days of
Christmas ideas inside. Kids will love crushing the ball to get the wish

Sewing Pattern Christmas Tree

Check out Kristine’s website for
more crafting pro

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