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This travel journal is like a summer highlight reel! Document your vacation in 3 simple steps

You’ll take this travel journal on every trip this summer.

It’s likely you have a vacation planned this summer… and whether that is a weekend road trip or an international excursion, you want to remember the experience.

To create a highlight reel of everything from the food to the faces, Layle Koncar says a traveler’s notebook is the perfect companion to help you document the details in a compact and creative way. Layle shared how to best collect your memories along the way in three easy steps. A traveler’s notebook and various inserts have been designed for daily travels in life. Whether you use them for planning and organization, or journaling, they are completely customizable.


When using a traveler’s notebook to document, Layle suggests:

Prep ahead

  • Prior to leaving, fill out as much as possible in your travel journal to make it easy to do each night on trip
  • Prompts – date, location, weather, top three highlights of day, miles walked, driven, flown

Documenting during – what to take

  • Keep the packing list simple
  • Involve kids

Pulling it all together after

  • Add in photos, memorabilia, and collected details
  • Use embellishments like stickers and washi tape to decorate and add creative touches

Layle Koncar offers a variety of traveler’s notebook kits to make it easy. She also offers an e-course with a free intro. Learn more here.

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