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Turn a cheap daybed into outdoor seating! 4 DIYs to transform your outside space

This luxe looking outdoor seating can be made for pretty cheap.

We can feel it in the air. The weather is hitting that sweet spot where the idea of being outdoors is exciting. To make our outdoor spaces an inviting place to be, we are taking our bed to the backyard! We aren’t camping… we’re relaxing on a daybed turned outdoor seat.

Michelle Bauer says its easy to do, and shared this and other simple projects to elevate our outdoor spaces to be a place to enjoy all summer long.


Daybed Outdoor Seating


  • Michelle suggests yard sale, KSL Classifieds or Facebook Marketplace for a day bed.
  • Look for a daybed with a metal frame. Metal is going to withstand being in the outdoors much better.
  • You’ll want a foam mattress for this project. The foam mattress will give the look of a cozy couch with smooth edges rather than a bed. If your mattress isn’t foam, you can use spray adhesive & attach foam to the top of your mattress.
  • Fully enclose the mattress with a zippered waterproof mattress cover. Not the plastic type that makes sounds when you sit on it.  You can find a fabric waterproof mattress cover on Amazon.
  • Cover your mattress with upholstery fabric. Make a cover, hire a seamstress or you can purchase one on Amazon.  Be sure the cover is tight and fitted.
  • You’ll want 3 oversized pillows (26×26) to go along the backrest of the daybed.
  • Be sure the backrest pillows are the same fabric as the mattress fabric. This will provide a more cohesive look & give a more upscale look.
  • Add cute throw pillow and a cozy throw blanket for those cool summer nights.
  • All products are linked on @_thepinklemon


Outdoor Side Table Storage


  • Pick up the Better Homes and Gardens Ellan pot from Walmart.
  • You’ll need a 16” pizza pan. Mainstay- Walmart
  • Spray the pizza pan with Sherwin Williams bonding primer. (If you don’t use a good primer, the paint won’t stick)
  • Once the primer is dry, paint the pizza pan with any type of outdoor paint.
  • Place your dried lid on top of your planter pot.
  • Use the inside of the pot as storages. And, with the added lid, this DIY becomes a functional side table.
  • All products are linked on @_thepinklemon


Lighting to Keep Bugs at Bay


  • You’ll need a ceramic planter. Michelle I used the Better Homes and Gardens Fischer pot from Walmart. Don’t use a plastic pot as this could melt easily.
  • Sand (do not use potting soil as it is flammable)
  • Tiki torch canister
  • Tiki torch citronella fuel
  • Fire glass (optional)
  • Fill your ceramic pot 1/3rd full with sand.
  • Place your citronella filled tiki torch canister on top of the sand.
  • Add more sand to secure the canister.
  • Top with fire glass. Available on Amazon.
  • All products are linked on @_thepinklemon


Vintage Table Planter Stand


  • You’ll need a small, vintage table.
  • Grab a plastic planter pot with a rim edge.
  • For a more elevated look, be sure the rim edge pot & table are the same color. You may need to paint one of them.
  • Cut a hole in the top of the table. The hole should be big enough for the ridge of the pot to sit on.
  • Add your plant/stems to your pot. Michelle prefers to use faux stems for this project so I don’t have to worry about water getting all over my table.
  • Tip- insert stems into a foam block, insert into your planter pot and add potting soil around your faux stems for a more realistic look.
  • Products linked on @_thepinklemon

Michelle Bauer is a DIYer and home décor enthusiast.  Find her on Instagram at @_thepinklemon, and on Etsy.

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