Travel Product Pick: Luggage for Kids

Trunki luggage is colorful, durable, and hey, you can ride on it! Specialty toy store Three Little Monkeys spotlights this innovative travel product.

Trunkies are the greatest travel innovation since the wheelie bag! Trunki travel cases allow children to scoot along on their luggage through the airport. This lightweight, sturdy, carry-on sized suitcase serves as luggage, riding toy, and transport for kids on the go! At home, Trunki may be used as a convenient kid-friendly storage bin too!

Each piece of Trunki luggage includes a tow strap, carry handles, secure catches, integrated wheels and stabilizers to prevent toppling over.

Holds up to 100 lbs.

It comes in Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Green.

You can get accessories such as:
   Saddle Bag to put over your Trunkie
   Stickers to put your own special touch on your Trunkie.

Retail price: $39.99. Recommended for kids 3 years and up

Find Trunki travel cases at Three Little Monkeys in Bountiful and Fruit Heights.

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