Treating Rosacea

Dr. Steve Jepson explains.

If you are bothered by unwanted facial redness, facial flushing, and/or broken facial capillaries you may be suffering from a common dermatologic condition called rosacea. Rosacea also can be associated with acne-like bumps in the central part of your face. No one knows for sure what causes rosacea, but the condition is associated with unwanted dilated capillary blood flow in the face (especially in the cheeks, nose, and chin), increased facial skin sensitivity, and tissue inflammation. Rosacea is very troublesome for many and sometimes can be difficult to treat. Usually when seeking medical care for this condition, rosacea-sufferers are prescribed medications which sometimes work and sometimes don’t, leaving the rosacea sufferer very frustrated.

We have a new laser system at my clinic that can be very effective in helping people with this condition. I have been offering laser therapy for rosacea for almost 6 years now, but am very excited about this new technology called the M22 from Lumenis Lasers. Laser Rosacea treatments traditionally use intense light energy to destroy the dilated blood vessels that cause the rosacea associated redness, to help calm down the inflammation, and to help erase the tiny visible spider veins. This type of technology has been available for several years, but over that time, laser equipment has evolved and the treatment protocols have improved so that rosacea laser treatment has gotten even better and more effective. Treatments with our new laser are associated with only a minimum amount of discomfort (older laser systems for rosacea used to hurt more), your face will be redder for about day but you may wear makeup immediately, generally 5 treatments are required spaced out every 2-3 weeks, and your rosacea improves gradually over the course of your treatments (as the dilated blood vessels gradually shut down).

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