Trend Alert: Best STEM Toys for Kids

Your kids can learn and have fun at the same time with some toys that teach.

Trend Tracker Mindy Dunyon shares some of the best STEM toys on the market.


Shopper’s Guide:

Click on the links below to find each product online.


Super Sweet Sugar Lab, Girls 8+, $24, Amazon

Crime Catchers Kit $13.99, Amazon

GeoMag World Magnetic Toys, 5+, $50 – $80, Amazon


Botley the Coding Robot, 6+, $60, Amazon

Engineering and Physics:

Laser Chess, 8+, $44.99, Amazon

Shadows in the Forest, 8+, $24.99, Amazon

Pixel Art Kit $49, Amazon


Math Slam, 6+, $24, Amazon


Night Sky: Astronomy App, Free, Apple App Store

Hopscotch: Coding app for kids, Free, Apple App Store

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