Trend Alert: Crocheted Fashion

Trend Alert: Crocheted Fashion

It’s a classic art form making a current-day fashion statement!

Studio 5 Contributor ShaLyse Walker spots the crochet trend, and spells out how to pull it off in a chic, classy way.

Colored Crochet is Best in Accessory Form

Bright, loud colors can scream handmade. Which is fine, when done right. For bolder shades, stick to accessories: a purse, a headband, a belt. Try to avoid bright crocheted knits in the clothing form.

Product Pick: Bright Crocheted Bag, Target $12.99

Select a Modern Silhouette

Make sure a crocheted clothing piece fits well, and offers a modern day silhouette. In the case of crochet, loose, extra fabric can look frumpy and unflattering.

Product Pick: Crocheted Cardigan, Target, $22

Style in Small Doses

Anyone can pull off any trend, by embracing subtle style. Again accessories

Product Pick: Crocheted Rings, Madeline L’Amour

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