Fashion Stylist Shopping Sites

Fashion Stylist Shopping Sites

Fashion Stylists. Celebrities can’t live without them, and the average woman simply can’t afford them…until now! Studio 5 Producer Mallory Moore explains how a new style of shopping lets just about anyone access Hollywood’s hottest stylists.

Red-carpet nights don’t revolve around movie or music awards, but fashion! The question of the hour is always: “Who are you wearing?” Stars strut effortlessly in front of the flashing cameras, but getting red-carpet ready is no simple task.

Stylist Rachel Zoe should know, as she’s one of Hollywood’s most sought after fashion stylists. She dresses A-list celebrities, ensuring each one looks their very best.

And now, you can get dressed-up with the same names that style the stars. New shopping sites offer this one-on-one personal styling perk, and for much less than celebrity price tags. It’s like girlfriend shopping with the biggest names in the business.

These fashion stylist sites are online shopping centers, backed my fashion insiders and stylist. When you sign up they use fashion quizzes to determine your fashion style, and then give suggestions of different items based on your likes and dislikes. High-profile stylists hand-pick their favorite trends just for you and put it in your virtual closet. Then you get to browse through their recommendations, and pick one item per month to buy. Here are more details of the top 4 fashion stylist sites:

Sole Society

Sole Society is dedicated completely dedicated to shoes. For $49.95 per month, you will receive one pair of shoes that have been specially chosen for you. There is no specific stylist, just a variety of fashion insiders who have been in the fashion business. To sign up for this service go to

Shoe Dazzle

Shoe Dazzle is the creation of celebrity and fashion diva Kim Kardashian. She, as well as a team of stylists, pick out trendy shoes, handbags, and jewelry to fit your style. The cost is $39.95 a month, for one item in your virtual closet. For more information, visit

Jewel Mint

Actress Kate Bosworth, along with stylist Cher Coulter, started Jewel Mint as a place to find vintage inspired jewelry pieces. They sell only jewelry, and their designs are inspired by vintage markets and runway shows from all over the world. Jewel Mint charges $29.99 for one piece of jewelry a month. Visit for more information.

Send The Trend

Send the Trend has the broadest selection of products of any fashion stylist site. They sell everything from sunglasses, to scarves, to jewelry. Designer Christian Siriano is the behind the scenes stylist, who hand-picks the products just for you. The service costs $29.95 a month, and to sign up visit

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