Style File: A Classy Take on Neon

Style File: A Classy Take on Neon

Neon is making a comeback in a big, bright way this season. From the runway, to fashion magazines were seeing striking pinks, and highlighter yellows all over the place. And they’re not hard to miss! Studio 5 Producer Mallory Moore shows how to pull off a pop of neon in your outfit, while still keeping it classy.

Neon can still look neat and polished as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

Rules to Keep Neon Classy:

1. Choose 1 Neon Item to Shine

2. Pair Bright Neon with Neutrals

3. Keep the Style Very Simple

Clothing Information:

Pink Cardigan: $62 at J. Crew

Yellow Button-up Shirt: $40 at J. Crew

Blue Skirt: 70$ at Anthropologie

Striped Scarf: $28 at Nordstrom

Green Clutch: $130 at Nordstrom

Yellow Belt: $15 at Gap

Green Watch: $10 at Target

MAC Lipstick: $14.50 at Nordstrom

Orange & Purple Nail Polish: $3 at Forever 21

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