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Our trendsetters say it’s a pink Halloween! Here are 5 pieces to tuck into your decor

Add these pieces to your decor for a pink Halloween.

By Lauren Tippetts

Black and orange is the classic color set for Halloween, but a new hue is taking the stage this year. Pink is the new orange! If you want to jump on this trend, you don’t have to completely redecorate. Just throw in a few pink touches to what you already have set up. These five pieces are ready to be tucked and nestled into your pink Halloween house.


Pink LED Flickering Candles, $29.98

Tuck some glowing, flickering candles into your decor. The soft pink color it the perfect offset to bold black, and it gives your house a little ambiance too!


Gold Brushed Pink Pumpkins, $30.44

These pumpkins are pink with a pinch of gold. What better way to give your decor the classy Halloween look? With seven pieces of all different sizes, you’ll have the perfect base for pink-ifying your house.


Halloween Flamingo Pillow Cover, $7.99

How cute are these witchy flamingos?! This watercolor style pillow cover gives us chic Halloween vibes, and just the slightest touch of pink. This would be a cute add to your favorite chair or to a porch bench.


Glowing Witches Hat, $29.90

Light up the night in style! This glowing pink witches hat would be fun out in the yard, on the porch, or even inside to give your house a spooky chic glow at night.


Velvet Pumpkin, $11.66

We love this sophisticated little pumpkin. Set this single with a vignette you already have in place, or grab a set of four here for a little more pink power.

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