True-I from Jerry Seiner

You hear about investigators looking for the “black box” after a plane crash to determine exactly what happened. Now that “black box” is available for your car.

Anthony Greenhalg, with Jerry Seiner Collision explains how the new technology works.

This device is called True-I and is essentially a black box recorder similar to that of an airplane. It records continually, and in the event of an impact (which it senses automatically) it stores the recorded image, direction, and impact force 20 seconds before, and 20 seconds after the impact. In addition it can be set to monitor activity when the vehicle is parked, and will record the same intervals using a motion sensor. It’s meant as a “tattletale device” in the case of a collision.

Utah is an “at-fault” state, meaning that in the case of an accident one party can be deemed 60% at fault and the other party 40%, it’s not black & white. If you want, you can add a GPRS modem to this devise. A GPRS modem would allow you to view video in real time, see where the vehicle is traveling, where it’s been, how fast it’s been going, and the duration it was there. This is for the parent who has honest children, and wants to keep them that way.

It’s likely that our children are going to be in some kind of accident. True-i won’t prevent the accident, but it will aid in establishing responsibility. It’s easy to assume that because our drivers are young, and inexperienced that they are automatically at fault. True-I provides the facts.

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