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Try This at Home: This cuticle oil will hydrate your skin overnight

Your dry fingers will thank you for using this cuticle oil.

This is the perfect season to catch up on a new streaming series, try a new recipe, or maybe test out a new beauty buy!

The Studio 5 Team has been doing the research to bring you what’s fresh and new. We’ve dedicated an entire series to all the things the Studio 5 Staff is loving where we take a minute to share the things we think you should try at home.


“Behind the Attraction,” Disney+

Studio 5 Producer Harlee Frodsham can’t recommend this series enough. It takes you into the inner workings of, not just Disney rides, but even foods and spectaculars! If you’re a Disney lover, this will change the game when you head back to the parks.

Pronto 100% Pure Acetone, $8.99, Amazon

Your acetone nail polish remover can do more! Studio 5 Producer Amy Iverson uses it to remove screen printing from clothes. If you have t-shirts with outdated logos or for sports teams you no longer care about, if it was screen printed, you can take that design right off. Just fill a cotton ball with acetone (it has to be 100%) and start scrubbing in small circles. That print will start flaking off in a matter of minutes.

Gobe Snack Spinner, $29.95, Amazon

Studio 5 Producer Maddy Tolman‘s little cousins roll into church, toting along their super cool snack spinners. Each one has five compartments, each separated from one another. As you press the button, it spins and lands on one of them, and you just open the door to take a bite! It’s fully enclosed and easy to toss into the diaper bag, and is dishwasher safe.

Kira Stokes Fit App, $14.99/month

Studio 5 Producer Mindy Dunyon has been loving this fitness app. She said she has wanted to supplement her cardio workouts with some strength and resistance training, and that’s what this app is perfect for. Choose your workout length, and they only uses about three to five pound weights, so it’s a great starting point for a strength training beginner. Start with a free trial, and Mindy said it’s well worth the monthly fee after that.

Brownie Berry Torte Recipe, Cake by Courtney

Studio 5 Producer Jill Broadbent decided to try out Courtney Rich’s brownie berry torte. She said it was super easy to put together, and, most importantly, super delicious!

Cuccio Cuticle Oil, $10, Amazon

Studio 5 Digital Producer Lauren Tippetts swears by this cuticle oil. She said the skin around her nails is always dry, and using the oil overnight leaves them totally healed. It only takes one or two drops, so the bottle will last you quite a while.

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