Tutu How-To: Dressing Your Sugarplum Fairy

For as little as seven dollars, Tyler Kettle explains how to transform any little girl into a sugarplum fairy with a handmade tutu.

Materials Needed:

1. Elastic ; 1 inch (measure to fit child’s waist)

2. Tulle (yardage varies depending on length and fullness; between 3 to 10 yards)

3. Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread to create seam

4. Scissors

5. Accessories (flowers, butterflies, sequins, buttons, etc.)


1. Measure the elastic around child’s waist and subtract an inch to allow for stretching.

2. Sew elastic together, overlapping by about an inch. Use a strong stitch such as a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine or multiple stitches with needle and thread.

3. If using tulle by the yard, cut into three inch wide strips.

NOTE: If using tulle on a spool, skip to step #4.

4. The length of your strips depends on how short or long you want the skirt. Decide how long you want your skirt and then double the length of the tulle for a single strip.

5. Tie tulle strips into knots on waistband, one strip at a time.

6. Flowers, sequins, butterflies, ribbons, etc can be attached a variety of ways including a glue gun, stitching, or brads.

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