TV Options from Free TV

TV Options from Free TV

Cable and satellite dishes aren’t the only way you can get a TV signal. A Utah company is now making it easier for people to get access to TV without any monthly fees.

Jeff Mackey, from explains what has to happen to get a free TV signal to your home.

As times continue to get tougher everybody is looking to cut costs in any way that they can. What things you need to have and what things you can do without if you have to. When it comes to utilities, you probably can’t do without the basic communication of a telephone and possibly even the internet. Both of which cost a monthly fee. Many people realize that the only utility they can live without is Cable or Satellite TV. Most people have done without higher end TV at different times in their lives and just had local channels via Broadcast television.

As tough as that may seem to some, it is now easier to make that transition than ever! With more channels than ever before being broadcast digitally over the airwaves for anyone to pick up for free, the Salt Lake Valley is a free Broadcasting hot spot! The only problem is getting the right signal to pick up all the available channels. The old fashioned rabbit ears antenna on top of the TV just usually doesn’t do the trick anymore. And with the broadcasting being all digital now, you either see the picture perfectly, or you don’t see it all.

Well that’s where we’re happy to come in! Our technicians can install a system on your house where you are guaranteed to have every available current broadcast channel with an installed rooftop antenna specifically designed to gather the newer digital signals that are being broadcasted today. Why not take advantage of this new free technology! And of course, like broadcast TV has always been, with no monthly fee!

Basic installation cost is $150.00 to $200.00, DVR Combo available (Digital video recorder) for an additional $300.00 installed. Not rented, you own it. Free TV Utah system will work with or can replace your satellite or cable provider.

Free TV Utah system comes in handy for backup when snow covers or dish also this system will work with a battery operated digital TV in case of power outages.

Our installation service technician will give you a price in writing prior to installing the system in your home.

Free TV Utah system can be installed in twin homes or 4plex apartments and the cost can be shared between the home owners or tenants.

For more information, visit or call 801-938-9500. Currently, Free TV is serving the Salt Lake Valley area only.

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