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Binge-able: 11 TV shows you can finish in a month (or less!)

There’s never been a better time to binge watch! Here’s our list of the best TV shows you can stream now.

By Lauren Tippetts

You know that TV show your sister-in-law recommended to you, oh, last year? Well now is the perfect time to start it! Break up your day with a few episodes of your future favorite series. We gathered up some of the best TV shows that you’ll be able to finish by the time the quarantine is over.


The Good Place, TV-14

If you’re a lover of sitcoms, add this to your watch list immediately. It follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristin Bell) as she navigates the afterlife. It stars an A+ cast, the unexpected twists keep you on the edge of your seat, and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Stranger Things, TV-14

Sci-fi fans, this is for you. If you have somehow missed the Stranger Things boat, jump on! When Will Byers goes missing, his friends find more than they bargained for as they search for him. The series takes place in the 80’s (we love the nostalgia) in an Indiana small town. The intensity and mystery make that “watch next” button incredibly tempting. Season three came out last summer, so it’s time to get caught up!

Hart of Dixie, TV-PG

Snuggle up for some happy, lighthearted content. This feel-good, easy going drama takes you to the Deep South. A city girl, Zoe Hart, finds herself working in a tiny town in Alabama when she inherits a medical practice. It’s the kind of show that gives you Hallmark vibes, but you don’t have to wait until Christmas!


A Million Little Things, TV-14

You might recognize James Roday, from “Psych” in this series. This drama is all about the power of friendship. A group of friends from Boston all feel like they are stuck in life. The unexpected death of one of them is the wake-up call they need to finally start living again. They discover that friends might be the one thing that can save them from themselves.

The Good Doctor, TV-14

This series is a medical drama, with a twist. It follows the life of Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. He relocates from his quite life in the country to a prestigious hospital surgical unit. As he is unable to connect with those around him, he uses his medical gifts to save lives and defy the skepticism of his colleagues.

The Rookie, TV-14

This show is a crime drama starring everyone’s favorite “Castle” actor, Nathan Fillion. As the oldest rookie on the LAPD force, John Nolan is met with skepticism as he aims to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer. While some think he is just a walking mid-life crisis, John uses his experience and sense of humor to find success on the force.


The Mandelorian, TV-14

The Star Wars universe is expanded in this Disney production. This series follows a Mandelorian, a bounty hunter, as he travels the galaxy tracking down targets. His morals are tested, though, when one of them turns out to be only a child. The stunning visuals and soundtrack make this show a must watch.

The Imagineering Story, TV-PG

If you’ve ever wanted an inside look into the making of Disneyland, you’re in luck. The Imagineering Story starts at the beginning, with Walt Disney’s big idea, and takes you through all the twists and turns. It gives you the inside scoop on your favorite parts of The Happiest Place on Earth. See the hardships, the successes and everything in between.

The World According to Jeff Goldblum, TV-PG

Look at the world a little differently! This series looks at the most commonplace items (think shoes, ice cream, makeup, etc.) and takes a deep dive on their back story. With fascinating science and history connections, Jeff Goldblum turns the simplest things into interesting learning experiences.

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Friday Night Lights, TV-14

If you’re not getting your sports fix, this series might help just a little. A small town in Texas, obsessed with their high school football team, finds themselves losing hope when their star tailback is injured in the first game. It’s up to the new coach to teach the team, and the whole town, a sense of self-respect.

Poldark, TV-14

This historical drama takes place in 1783, after the American War of Independence. Ross Poldark returns to Cornwall to find that his life is not how he left it. It seems like everything is ruined, but he learns to find hope and love in the most unexpected times.

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