Twilight Trauma: Stephenie Meyer’s New Book Leaked

It was promised to be, basically a re-write of her first book, Twilight, but from Edward, the main male character’s, perspective. Stephenie Meyer had entrusted a few people with copies of her working manuscript…and last week, a copy was leaked and posted on the Internet. Meyer made sure each copy she handed out was slightly different, so she says she knows who did it. She doesn’t think there was malicious intent, but the breach left her devastated.

On her website she wrote:

“I think it is important for everybody to understand that what happened was a huge violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being. As the author of the Twilight Saga, I control the copyright and it is up to the owner of the copyright to decide when the books should be made public; this is the same for musicians and filmmakers. Just because someone buys a book or movie or song, or gets a download off the Internet, doesn’t mean that they own the right to reproduce and distribute it. Unfortunately, with the Internet, it is easy for people to obtain and share items that do not legally belong to them. No matter how this is done, it is still dishonest. This has been a very upsetting experience for me, but I hope it will at least leave my fans with a better understanding of copyright and the importance of artistic control.” (Click HERE to read the full statement).

So what does this mean for readers? Well, what it means is no new book. Meyer says she is so hurt by what has happened; there is no way to continue. She says writing is all about how you feel and she just feels too sad.

Now the question stands: To read or not to read? On her blog, Meyer very clearly stated she did not want viewers to read the incomplete version. She says she only posted it on her site, so her fans did not have to worry about being dishonest about it. So, have you – or will you – read the incomplete version?

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