Tyvek Home Wrap: Windbreaker for Your Home

Here’s important information you should know about Tyvek Home Wrap:

Tyvek Home Wrap makes your home more energy efficient, cuts down on heating and cooling bills and allows the structure to last much longer. This is because it eliminates the chance of moisture getting into the walls from the outside, which leads to mildew and rotting. Those are expensive repairs and they attack the structure, reducing the life span of a home.

Building a home is more than carpeting, granite counter-tops and two-toned paint when you’re shopping for the best. What gives real quality to a home are things like Tyvek that give it strength, durability and energy efficiency.

What is Tyvek?

1. You’ve seen it wrapped around homes under construction. It’s a weather barrier that keeps wind and water from penetrating the walls.

2. Why should you want your builder to use Tyvek on the home you’re building or remodeling?
First, it’s going to protect the home from water damage. Next, it’s going to cut down on energy consumption and finally, all of this will save money in the long run.

3. What happens if you don’t have a weather barrier on your home?
You have a greater chance of drafts coming into the home and run a much higher risk of mold, mildew, rotting, which are unhealthy and very expensive to fix. You’ll pay more to heat and cool the home, too.

4. Is it more expensive initially to have Tyvek installed on a home being built and remodeled?
Yes, but the long term savings more than pay for the installation of Tyvek.

5. Is Tyvek considered a “green” building practice?
Yes, it is. It’s been documented to reduce energy consumption in a home, enhancing energy conservation and saving money.

To learn more about Tyvek Home Wrap and using it for your home building or remodeling, get in touch with the Magleby Companies at www.maglebycompanies.com and watch be sure to watch Hot Homes of Utah every Sunday morning on KSL TV at 9 AM for more home building ideas and tips.

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