Top Garden Product Picks

Darin Engh, from Engh Gardens, shares his five favorite products for your yard.

Monrovia Organics-Flower & Rose Food, Starter Fertilizer

A unique, granulated fertilizer made with natural and organic ingredients plus 12 strains of mycorrhizae. The Power of Mycorrhizae: a special group of beneficial organisms that increase the root’s surface area to enable them to absorb more nutrients and water. Mycorrhizae will dramatically improve your plant’s tolerance to transplant and drought stress for overall stronger performance in your garden. Over time, the mycorrhizae will spread to other areas, benefiting your entire landscape.

Fertilome Start-N-Grow Plus

This is a slow-release plant food that feeds your plants for 3 months plus contains Dimension, a proven pre-emergent weed and grass control herbicide.

Natural Guard Lawn, Plant & Pet Insect Spray

This spray provides chemical free insect control on lawns, ornamentals, fruit and citrus trees, vegetable, and even pets. The aroma of cedar oil is lethal to non-beneficial insects. Excellent mosquito repellent! Spray your yard before a BBQ or wedding to repel insects.

Side Planting Window Box

Side planting is simple and easy, using this specially designed window box and coco-liner with pre-cut holes. Provides more room for upright plants and still have the trailing plants cascade down the sides.

All-Weather Wicker Patio Furniture

Beautiful New wicker patio furniture that is UV resistant, temperature resistant, and humidity resistant. Won’t mold or fade in the sun. The Sunbrella fabric cushions are also UV resistant and won’t fade.

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