UCCU: Cooperatives and Saving Money

Sara Parker, from Utah Central Credit Union highlights some of the co-ops and other ways to be green.

It’s all part of the green movement and Utah Central encourages everyone to tap into these valuable local resources. Utah Central, like so many other credit unions, was founded on the same co-op principles – people helping other people.

The Community Food Co-op https://www.foodco-op.net/, established by the Crossroads Urban Center, provides high-quality, locally-supported meats, produce, dry goods, and other food products. Anyone can take buy food from the coop -it’s not based on income or need.

Another resource is the SLC Bike Collective http://www.slcbikecollective.org/ which offers Do-It-Yourself nights at the Community Bike Shop, 2312 Southwest Temple (check web site for details.) There’s also a “ladies” night and kids can become part of their Earn-a-Bike program or Trips for Kids program.

Other co-ops include the Utah Co-op, Rico Local, and the Bountiful Basket. Hundreds more resources can be found in the ReDirect Guide, a 200 page booklet available around the Salt Lake Valley and Utah Central has also produced a “Greensaver Guide” loaded with more resources and lots of places to recycle. It’s free and you can pick one up at any Utah Central branch office.

For more information, you can visit UtahCentral Credit Union online at www.utahcentral.com.

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