UCCU: Financial Frequent Flyers

UCCU: Financial Frequent Flyers

Using services at your local financial institution is something that most of us do without thinking much about it. But one local family has been able to use enough of the services and offerings that they can advantages similar to those of a “frequent flyer”.

Sara Parker, from Utah Central Credit Union, explains how you can get earn more money on your investments by being a financial frequent flyer.

Membership has its rewards and at Utah Central Credit Union that means lower loan rates and higher interest from savings and checking accounts. All these benefits and more are available through Utah Central Credit Union’s Central Rewards program. The more that Utah Central services and products are used, the more advantages are earned. Members can reduce their home mortgage rate, get discounts on car loans, earn extra points on VISA cards or newlyweds can get a $50 VISA card when they open a joint account.

One couple that has benefited from Central Rewards is Walt and Chrisie Bascom of West Valley. The Bascoms have raised six children, supported them through college, watched them get married and now are enjoying 17 grandchildren.

Both have run businesses from their home and because of their many life situations, they’ve used just about all of the financial products offered by Utah Central from signature loans, car loans, a line of credit for business, money market accounts, to VISAs, and basic checking and saving services.

Their good credit rating and reliable payment history, along with multiple credit union services have earned the Bascoms additional interest on their money market accounts. They’ve also been able to obtain more favorable rates on their loans -especially car loans.

With two VISA cards – a platinum credit card and a debit card – they’ve earned reward points that add up to free gifts and benefits. With a money market account, they’ve saved money for special projects like their new back yard and a retaining wall.

Now is a great time to watch your money grow with Utah Central Rewards. For more information go to www.utahcentral.com.

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