UHCA kicks off the Adopt-a-Senior Program

There is no better time than the holidays to volunteer your time to others.
Thanks to a new program, it’s easier than ever to volunteer time to help
seniors in your community.

Deb Burcombe with the Utah Health Care Association shares details about the
Adopt-a-Senior Program.

What is “Adopt-a-Senior”?

Many of Utah Health Care Association’s senior care facilities may have an
abundance of volunteers for their residents, but as the holidays begin to
subside, the need for new friendly faces grows. UHCA is asking caring
members of the community to volunteer their time to get to know and form a
year-round relationship with some of the residents living in Utah nursing
home and skilled nursing facilities.

Why are visitors important to residents in care facilities?

Unfortunately, not all residents have family and friends visiting them year-
round. Many care facilities experience a holiday rush of visitors and then see
visitations dwindle–sometimes before decorations are packed away.
Although nursing home staffs provide exceptional care for each resident,
they cannot offer the same level of companionship a visitor can provide. A
new face and an additional helping hand benefits the welfare of the residents
more than you can imagine.

Not only do nursing home residents benefit from these on-going and long-
lasting relationships, but also the volunteers are also greatly rewarded. This
opportunity allows locals to get involved with their community, while building
a new friendship with someone who may need it most.

How to get involved

To find out how you can get involved, call Deb directly at #801-486-6100
and she will personally match you with a Senior in your area.

Visit UHCA’s website (www.uthca.org)
to find nursing home facilities near you.

For questions and volunteer registration information, contact the UHCA office

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