Unexpected Party Pieces

We go way beyond banners to show how throw-away furniture pieces can
set the stage for your next party.

Blogger Michelle Inkley of The Glitzy Pair shares inspiration for working in
those unexpected party pieces.

1. Make a bold statement at your event!
First paint an old gate, a bed frame, a chest of drawers, and invite it
outside for the party! Next, hang something! Those old windows are
everywhere! Grab one and put it in a tree, or on a fence. Also, chandeliers
in trees or hanging from you gazebo will really make your event sparkle.
Look for opportunities to bring the outdoors in with your umbrella and
plant stands. So cute for an outdoor game night!

2. Don’t forget the details
I recently through a baby book shower, where details were the name of the
game! I used old story books to make a chandelier. It looked so cute
hanging above the food table. I continued the “book” theme by using book
paper to create chargers or bows – books even served as a cake stand!

At another party, we catered an English tea party! A darling sign on the
door greeted guests, and welcomed them right in! We used vintage
handkerchiefs to make napkins flowers and placed them in a vase covered
in a nylon to dress it up and vintage serving plates.

3. Ask Friends or Family for Help
Don’t feel like you have to do it all on your own! People are more than
willing to jump in and fill an assignment. This helps them feel involved, and
allows you to enjoy the event, as well.

Michelle Inkley is a mom of four boys and, therefore, a lover of the loud
and crazy. She is an event planner, organizer, blogger, and a vocal coach.
Michelle loves to create parties, work on Photoshop, and drive to lacrosse.
Visit her on www.theglitzypear.blogspo

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