Unexpected Use of Color

Give your home a punch of personality, with a pop of color!

Blogger Mandi Gubler, of Vintage Revivals, shares 6 ways to add color to
your space.

1. Fabric (pillows, curtains, throws)
Pillows are an obvious way to add color to your room, but I suggest using
unconventional fabrics. Consider using secondhand, thrifted dresses, or
even rugs. You can sew your own colorful pillows in less than 5 minutes!

2. Furniture
Adding a piece of colorful furniture to your house can take it from cookie
cutter to one-of-a-kind. Most furniture projects can be tackled in 4 hours.

3. Pictures/Art
Coordinating your family photos with your decor is a great way to bring a
few pops of color to your walls. You can also make some fresh, funky one-
of-a-kind art from an oil painting you picked up at the thrift store.

4. Lighting
Lighting is so often overlooked as a way to bring color into a space. People
often think light fixtures need to be neutral, so that it will go with
everything. I say that is NUTS! Installing your own lighting is easy and you
can change it up as much as you want!

5. Rugs
Vibrant rugs do so much for a space. You can DIY one for less than $20, or
you can shop at stores that are notorious for having a great, colorful

6. Accessories
Small random items that you can put on a table or shelves add so much
personality and can balance out a room design by spreading color
throughout without over powering it.

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