Up-Cycling Thrift Store Art

Up-Cycling Thrift Store Art

Thrift stores are full of outdated, inexpensive artwork that at first glance
might not seem to have any value. But with a little creativity, you can
transform ugly art into beautiful, trendy pieces.

Studio 5 Contributor Jennifer Heslop shares inspiring ways to up-cycle
thrift store art into amazing accessories and home décor.

Magnet Board- Turn an old canvas painting into a magnet board
by adding sheet metal to the back of the canvas. Cut sheet metal to size
and place it between the canvas and the frame. You can also remove the
canvas from the wood frame and wrap the canvas around a ready-made
magnet board.

White board- If your print is framed with a glass front, use it as a
white board. Simply write on the glass with a white board marker and use a
soft cloth to wipe clean.
Holiday Décor- Add a little “extra” paint to a print or canvas to create
holiday art. Add some glitter glue fireworks in the background of an
outdoor picture, or “dress” a portrait in a Halloween costume by painting
over the existing clothing.

Book Covers- A painted canvas makes fun and durable book
covers. Remove the canvas from the frame and lay it flat. Use the same
technique as if you were making the book cover from a paper bag. How to
make a book cover: http://specialchildren.about.com/od/schoolissues/ss/bookcover2_

Tote Bag- Recycle a canvas painting into a tote bag. Remove the
canvas from the frame. Fold the canvas in half. This will be the
approximate size of your finished bag. If you would like to increase the
size, consider adding another fabric to the canvas. Once you have your 2
sides cut, you will need to cut a strip of fabric for the sides and bottom the
bag. Measure down both sides and across the bottom of the bag. Cut a
strip of fabric the determined length and whatever width you’d like.
With right sides together, sew the strip of fabric to one side of the bag.
Start at the top, sew down one side, turn fabric, sew across the bottom,
turn, and sew up the side. Do the same with the other side of the bag. Once
you have sewn the bag together, turn right side out, and add handles.
Handles can be purchased at a craft store, or recycled from an out-dated

Cuff Bracelet- Measure around your wrist and add 1 inch for a
snap. Determine the width you’d like your bracelet. Cut out a rectangle
from a canvas painting the determined length and width. Follow the
instructions on a snap kit to add a snap. You can embellish the cuff with
lace, buttons, ribbon etc.

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