Upcycled Glass Soda Bottles

From punchy party favors, to trendy kitchen tools, people are stepping up
their D-I-Y game to create cool projects with old soda bottles.

Designer Kristine McKay shares creative uses for glass soda bottles.

Vases- display cool bottles with labels that you like in a row with cute
flowers. You can even tint the glass by simply using floor polish and food

Chair Placeholder- Take a soda bottles and add water and a fresh flower that
is attached to a door wreath hanger. Attach it to the back of a chair and you
can put each guests name on the bottle with a cute tag or chalkboard vinyl.

Drinking Containers- Save all of your glass bottles and recycle them for
birthdays and holidays by decorating them with vinyl or wrapping with doilies
or fabric and twine. You can also create photo labels with a laminator.

Party Invitation- Turn a bottle into a cute invitation for an old fashioned ice-
cream social!

Desk Organizer- Label jars and fill with push pins, rubber bands, paperclips,

· To learn how to cut glass bottles, check out this tutorial at http://www.recyclart.org/2012/02/diy-easy-cut-glass-

For more creative ideas, check out Kristine’s blog at www.kmckaydesigns.com

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