Urban Fitness

Studio 5 contributor, Ashley Kewish has been working on an exercise option that will take you out of your normal routine.

Ashley Kewish recently participated in an Urban Fitness class at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. The class was made up of a series of workout stations on what is called a par course. You can do some of these simple exercises in your own backyard or local park.

• On a park bench, or short retaining wall you can do dips. Make sure your elbows and knees are both at a 90
degree angle. Slowly lower yourself down to a comfortable level and repeat. Do 3 sets of
15 reps.

• Using a tree trunk or utility pole you can do standing push-ups. Form a triangle with your thumbs and pointer
fingers. With elbows pointed out, slowly bring your face towards the triangle. Do 3 sets of 15 reps.

• Find 4 pine cones or other small objects that can be used as markers. Place them in a box shape on the ground.
Now, jump back and forth from the different corners. Try to do this for 3 minutes. The level of difficulty can be
adjusted by placing the markers further or closer together.

The University of Utah’s Lifelong Learning program will offer an Urban Fitness Class again starting in Spring 2011. To learn more, go to http://continue.utah.edu/lifelong. Shauna Mayer will also be offering classes. You can contact her at mayershauna@yahoo.com

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