Utah Cancer Control Program: Breast Cancer Screenings

Dr. Brett Parkinson, Imaging Director of Breast Care Services at Intermountain Medical Center, talks about important information you need to know to screen for breast cancer.

Screening Services

• The Utah Cancer Control Program offers free Breast and Cervical Cancer screening.

•  Screening services are available for qualifying women between the ages of 50-64 at over 45 locations statewide.

• Low-cost screening may be available to qualifying women between the ages of 40-49. Call 1.800.717.1811 for the location nearest you. *

• Call 1-800-717-1811 to see if you qualify for a free breast and cervical cancer screening. *

• Eligible women receive the following free screening services: Pap test, Pelvic Examination, clinical breast examination, instruction on self-breast examination, and a voucher for a free mammogram.

• Since 2000 Utah’s screening rate for breast cancer has remained constant – we have one of the lowest screening rates in the nation with approximately 68% of Utah women 40 and older reporting that they have had had a mammogram in the last two years.


• Women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer by any health care provider may be eligible for Medicaid Treatment referral through the Utah Cancer Control Program (UCCP). For more information call 1.800.717.1811*

• Women diagnosed with Breast Cancer should consult with their health care provider to discuss the best treatment options available for them.

• An estimated 1,010 new invasive cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed among women in Utah during 2008 (1)

• In 2008, the American Cancer Society estimates that 240 women in Utah will die from breast cancer (2)

• Breast Cancer is the leading cause of female cancer death in Utah.(3)

• Most women who are diagnosed with breast cancer survive the disease (4)

To see if you qualify for free or low cost breast cancer screenings, call 1 (800) 717-1811

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