Utah Central’s 2012 Economic Outlook

Jittery about what to do with your money in 2012? At Utah Central we’ve got
answers to help protect your money and your investments.

Sara Parker, from Utah Central Credit Union, shares some of the good news
on the economic horizon.

Everyone knows the recovery has been slower than anticipated, but as we
look ahead to the new year, there are a few bright spots on the horizon –
both here in Utah, and nationwide.

1. Homeowners in the Beehive will be glad to know that Realtor Magazine
selected Utah as the third healthiest housing market in the U.S. This means a
great majority of Utahns have a strong nest egg – money they can use for
home equity lines of credit for emergencies, remodeling, debt reduction,
college educations or major purchases like cars. Mortgage rates are at all
time lows – below 4% at Utah Central – for some adjustable, jumbo and
conventional loans.

2. Sales and services in Utah grew in 2011 and are expected to grow more
in 2012 – especially sales of cars and clothes. At Utah Central auto loan
are as low as 2.75% and if you open a checking account you can lower your
loan rate even more — a quarter of a percent: .25%

3. Employment in Utah is expected to grow 2.3% or add 28,000 jobs in
2012. More jobs mean more services and goods are being purchased and
more money will go into the state’s coffers for necessities like education,
infrastructure and services.

4. Interest rates remain low so using a VISA card to make retail purchases
is a good idea if you plan on paying it off in a timely manner. At Utah
Central, VISA rates are as low as 9.75% and there are no annual fees, no
transaction fees, and no minimum finance charges. Plus each time you use
your VISA Utah Central offers dozens of rewards.

For more information, contact Utah Central or visit them online at

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