Utah Cosmetic Surgery

Many of you are already thinking about swim-suit season, and if you are
considering plastic surgery to improve your body image, make sure you
choose a doctor with experience.

Dr. Haupt with Utah Cosmetic Surgery shares more about the many services
they offer.

Dr. Haupt helps patients in the In the Logan, Ogden, Park City, Provo, Salt
Lake City,
St. George, Utah and surrounding areas.

All plastic surgery procedures fall into one of four basic categories:

Body Contouring Surgery

This involves any procedures not performed on the face or breasts. Most of
these procedures involve the removal of fat – procedures such as liposuction
and tummy tucks. Another main type of body contouring surgery involves the
reshaping and tightening of any specific body part, such as an arm lift or a
thigh lift.

Breast Surgery

This is, by far, the most popular type of procedure we perform. Breasts can
be either enlarged or reduced in size, and they can also be reshaped and
reconstructed. (Sometimes reshaping is used in conjunction with other
procedures, too.)

Facial Enhancement

This is any surgical procedure used to improve the appearance of a patient’s
face — from wrinkle removal to feature alteration. The most common types
of facial enhancement surgeries are facelifts and BOTOX® Cosmetic
procedures. However, we also perform surgeries to improve the eyes, nose,
ears and cheeks.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is any procedure used to fight the signs of aging and
correct tired, sagging skin. Skin resurfacing procedures help eliminate
wrinkles and diminish scarring or uneven pigmentation. Laser hair removal
techniques remove unwanted facial and body hair. Schlerotherapy techniques
reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins. Basically, almost any
type of scar, lesion or skin discoloration can be lessened, if not removed
entirely. The overall goal of any skin rejuvenation procedure is younger,
firmer, more evenly-toned skin.

Because cosmetic surgery procedures are highly individualized, it’s important
to thoroughly communicate your desires to your surgeon beforehand. That is
why we offer free consultations – so we can listen to your concerns, and
explain all aspects of your procedures to you.

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