Utah Department of Veteran Affairs: Women Veterans

Jill Atwood, Public Affairs office with the George E. Wahlen VA Medical Center in Salt Lake City, talks about these benefits.

The face of the Veterans Administration is changing because women are standing alongside men. These are not just nurses anymore. They are pilots, air traffic controllers, truck drivers, military intelligence and more. And each of these women have earned the same benefits.

Many women may not be aware that the Wahlen VA Medical Center in Salt Lake City has its own
Women’s Clinic. This private environment offers all women’s basic healthcare needs met such as female OB/GYNs, reproductive health care, preventative health screenings, such as mammograms and much more.

But many female veterans don’t know they are entitled to benefits especially if they are in the guard and reserves.

Female veterans’ transitional needs are different, too. Many are single moms who may not have as high a status in the civilian world as they did in the military. And many veterans may be returning with other problems. As many as 40 to 60 percent of these veterans are coming back with issues related to sexual trauma not to mention Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The hospital has counselors to help them through these issues.

Other benefits include the new GI Bill for anyone serving after 9/11 as well as vocational training, sharpening job skills, disability benefits if you were wounded in combat, VA home loans, survivor and life insurance benefits and more.

If you’re interested in healthcare benefits, go to www.va.gov/wvhp and for general benefits go to www.va.gov. To get in touch with the Women’s Clinic, call (801) 582-1565 x 5414, for a general benefits question go to (800) 894-9497 and for educational benefits call (888) 442-4551

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