Utah Energy Savers: Air Filters

Changing your air filter might not be on the top of your to-do list, but is
should be. Vaughn Thomas from Utah Energy Savers explains why.

Have you checked your air filter in your furnace lately? Air filters need to be
changed every 1 to 2 months though out the year to avoid bacteria, pollen,
allergens, dust, & pet dander in the air. Changing your air filter frequently
can also reduce the energy you use in your living space. Did you know that
40% of your heat or AC in your home is lost though the attic? We here at Utah
Energy Savers will do complete energy audits & consulting for your home or
business. We will notify you about the local rebates available to you. We cover
many areas from insulation/wall foam insulation, to windows, solar assisted
water heater systems, air sealing, radiant barrier, and hvac air filters. We can
certify you with an Energy Star Rating.

For more information call us at 801.614.0606 or check us out at www.utahenergysavers.com

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