UCCU: Home Inventories

Summer is a great time to inventory your house. This simple act can give you
peace of mind and help you replace or recover any household items in case
of a loss.

Sara Parker, from Utah Central Credit Union, explains how and why to do a
home inventory.

This is not only important for insurance purposes, in case of damage or fire,
but also to:

1. Protect your investments
2. Preserve your heritage
3. Simplify your life

To give you an idea of what an insurance claim adjuster needs for insurance
purposes, consider jewelry. Most insurance companies won’t quibble about a
claim for $500. But once you claim something of value past $500, there are
various levels of proof you will need- everything from proof of purchase, to a
close up photo or a full description of value from a jeweler. Items over
$3,000 will require a valuation by a qualified jeweler or professional value.

There are three ways to do a home inventory: take close up photos,
especially of valuable items; videotape each room – with narration; and make
a written record of everything.

Inventory anything of value in your home, but certainly fine furniture,
antiques, collectibles, electronics, art, musical instruments, imported carpets,
wall coverings, tables, chairs, appliances large and small.
For more information on how to protect your greatest investment, your
home, contact Utah Central Credit Union at any one of their branches, or
online at

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