Utah Museum of Fine Arts Future Masters Winners

On today’s Studio 5, Gretchen Dietrich, Director of Public Programs and Curatorial Affairs with the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, talks about your child’s appreciation of art and how to develop habits in learning about art.

Here are some questions to ask and suggestions to consider when talking about art with your children.

As parents, how do you enhance and develop artistic expressions in your child?
Gretchen recommends you ask open ended questions, talk and have fun with art. Look at art thoughtfully and go one-on-one with a child to an art exhibition if you can. Make the visits short and sweet. Don’t bring your children at peak times when the exhibition is the busiest.
Follow your child’s interests… for example, do they seem to gravitate more to modern rather than impressionists. Do they like landscapes over portraits? Are they intrigued by colors rather than patterns? Also, they should look carefully and closely at the artwork, but remember to teach your children these are not pictures you can touch. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts also provides special children’s audio tours created especially for them. Be sure to try them out when you come to visit the Monet to Picasso exhibition through September 21.

Other considerations are what art tools should you supply them with and at what age? Think of ways to celebrate their artwork, especially on refrigerators or even framed. Your creativity is important. Is there ever a place for "giving direction?" Or what if your child experiences negative comments about his or her creations. And are art lessons a possibility and at what age. Consult art teachers or check with the museum for their ideas.

Finally, here is a list of the Utah Museum of Fine Arts KSL 5 "Future Masters" top three winners in age categories 6-8, 9-11 and 12-14:

Ages 6-8

Ryan Openshaw – Age 8 "Untitled" (bottles)
Myka Wayment – Age 7 – "Flowers Given to Myka for her Dance Recital"
Myra Benedict – Age 6 – "The Rose"

Ages 9-11

PK Harmon – Age 11 – "Scales of Lava"
Katherine Smout – Age 11 – "Fruit Bowl"
Loree Potter – Age 9, "Mountain in Spring"

Ages 12-14

David park – Age 12 "Firehead Dragon"
Emilyn Cannon – Age 13 "Rainy Disappointment"
Elizabeth Young – Age 13 "Father and Son"

Check these winners and other contributors at the KSL website at ksl.com and for more information on the Monet to Picasso Exhibition at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, click on umfa.utah.edu

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